Flower Remedies - Our emotional helpers


In Systematic Kinesiology - as part of the treatment we look at how our emotions are effecting us. Sometimes we need help in dissolving some emotions or triggers that effect us negatively so we can move forward in positive way. Sometimes we know what these emotions/triggers are and sometimes we don’t. It doesn’t matter - the body/subconscious will show us as we muscle test. Flower remedies are very useful in kinesiology as they aid us to access our emotions. Flower remedies are our emotional helpers.

Rescue Remedy is well known to be very helpful in emergencies and crises. It can be used to help us get through any stressful moment, egs; giving a speech, immediately after an injury, moving house or for exam nerves.

In Systematic Kinesiology we use flower remedies to help on an emotional level so we feel more balanced about things, thus helping to allow your body to find its own natural state of health. You will receive a bespoke flower remedy blend as part of your Kinesiology treatment to support you after your session if appropriate.

There are many flower remedies, one example is Wild Rose. This may come up if you are feeling a bit stuck and just plodding along. It can help reawaken our interest in life. In a positive Wild Rose state we are happy-go-lucky. Instead of apathy we feel a sense of purpose that brings increased happiness and enjoyment.

Check-in with your hormones


Our hormones work behind the scenes affecting all our systems.  They can easily get out of balance due to stresses and strains, pregnancy, life events, lifestyle and not getting the right nutrition.  Would you like some natural health help with your hormonal issues?

  • pre + menopause

  • pmt + pregnancy + post pregnancy

  • prostrate issues

  • mood swings

  • skin imbalances

  • just not feeling right

  • weight gain

  • disturbed sleep

  • low energy and tiredness

If so, Kinesiology is great for rebalancing our hormonal power houses.

Vitamin of the month - Vitamin D


Sunlight is necessary to make Vit D3, which is produced under the skin.   Small amounts of Vit D are found in oily fish, eggs, sweet potato, vegetable oils, milk, beef and liver and Swiss cheese.   Herbs that contain Vit D are nettles, alfalfa and parsley.

We need sufficient sunlight to synthesise Vit D and it is a common deficiency particularly as we lose more daylight hours as we move into winter.   In kinesiology we can test to see if you need Vit D.

Why do we need enough VIT D?  It maintains strong bones and teeth, helps support the immune system (therefore prevents many diseases), maintains normal muscle function and is needed for healthy thyroid function.

What is balanced natural health?


This is what it means to me....We are not in pain, we sleep well and soundly, we digest well,  we are drug free, we feel able to cope with life’s stresses and strains.   We have a greater awareness, we make choices out of love not fear, we can express ourselves, we do not hold on to the past hurts and frustrations, we can let go when we need to.   We feed our body with nourishing foods that nurture us, we drink lots of water, we boost ourselves when we need to with supplements.  We are grounded and centred. Our energy flows well.   We value, love and appreciate ourselves.  We feel well,  we feel good and we feel happy.