I became interested in Systematic Kinesiology when I experienced for myself how much our emotions effect us physically through a simple muscle test.  I found this fascinating and found that regular treatments have helped me enormously.  I offer a calm, intuitive, safe space for you to have a specific treatment that gets to the root cause of your imbalance.

Kinesiology is all about balance. It upgrades your health and boosts wellness, and enables us to monitor the health of the body. Systematic Kinesiology uses muscle testing to see where there are imbalances within a person.  The imbalances can be related to our diet, emotions, energetical and physical bodies.  It looks at all these aspects.  Once the imbalance has been found, specialised techniques are used to bring back balance, (including the Chinese 5 element system, specialised neuro-lymphatic massage,  meridian tapping,  nutritional supplements, energy balancing, Bach flower remedies).

There is no guesswork as the body responds very clearly.  The body guides us.  You will find out what is effecting you and what you need, as well as what to avoid.  You will be offered a bespoke, completely individual nutritional programme to work for you beneficially from the inside.  There is no need for fads or diets!   Kinesiology supports you at every level.  It is an excellent preventative health care system as ideally we correct the small imbalances before they become too large.

Kinesiology looks at the whole body and is particularly helpful with helping us to cope with the emotional stresses and strains which impact us and show up as physical symptoms.  It  is a wellness-centred, health promoting, preventative approach to health.

Do you suffer from….

  • immune/urinary/respiratory/allergies/skin issues e.g. rosacea, acne

  • stress/sleeping problems/low energy

  • digestive issues - IBS, i.e. constipated,diarrhoea,bloating

  • food sensitivities

  • hormonal issues

  • back/hip/shoulder/neck/arm/leg pain e.g. golfers elbow, stiff neck, rusty hip

  • headaches

  • feeling tired/overwhelmed/wobbly/anxious/drained

  • learning difficulties

  • bothersome old injuries or persistent niggles

A treatment is interactive and the client is fully dressed. Nutrition is one quarter of the Kinesiology and nutritional supplements when recommended are charged separately.

£60 (includes bespoke flower remedy blend)

Quad of photos credit - Tessa Clements