I am a member of the Complementary Therapist's Association, fully insured and certified by ASK.    My journey as a holistic therapist began in 2003 when I completed my Reiki II Healing training.  I then qualified in Holistic Massage in 2004 and since then I have taken further courses and qualified in Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy (JING trained), Effective Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Amma Fusion Massage, Pregnancy Massage, No Hands® Massage and the unique Jurlique Organic Skincare Facial.   I feel very privileged to be able to offer massage therapy as it is wonderful in helping so many conditions.  We all get stressed, our bodies get stressed and we all need good massage.

I have trained more recently with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in London.  Kinesiology has been a revelation and I love how it looks at all the aspects of who we are and how it helps to get us back on track when we need it.  We are programmed to self-heal and kinesiology guides us to being the best we can be.  By making informed lifestyle choices, keeping balanced emotionally, looking after ourselves physically and energetically we empower ourselves to be healthy naturally -  without pain and without the use of drugs - and we feel good and happy.   

Meaning of my yellow duck logo..

“Water is necessary for all life on earth.  Nothing can live without it.  Ducks can remind us to drink of the waters of life as well as to nurture our own emotional natures.  They can help you to handle your own emotions with greater grace and comfort.”  - Ted Andrews